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Fallen WTC twin towers, we remember

Remembering 9-11 ten years later, especially those still grieving their loss.

Fallen WTC twin towers, we remember


We remember September 11, 2001 … and July 4, 1776.



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  1. Warren Ehlert says:

    Have studied some of the comments on home schooling here…. I am a retired U.S. Marine, 75 years old and have seen both sides of this story… Home schooling works for some that are involved with their children… which is the answer to most of the problems we have today… The now generation or should I say some of the now generation are not involved with what their children are being taught and I have fought in 2 wars and can tell you from personal observation as some of you can to save this country you need to get involved with your children and see what they are seeing and hearing… Teach them your values … I come from a lot friendler time then now but I remember growing up in the 30’s and 40’s and yes 50’s, think I am still growing up, we got along with a lot less and we were green as the new generation likes to say… we recycled the milk containers, the coke bottles etc… todayn you throw your cans away and call your self green… Say the same about schooling our school system is broken along with a lot of the teachers… enough said…

  2. diania says:

    We need to inform the youth of our country that is where we have to start, they have no idea what they are voting for with Obama. the schools aren’t teaching americans values anymore.i agree with Glenn Beck Start home schooling our kids, and teach them to be responsible and respectful .and that goverment is not the answer.

    • Bob says:

      I agree, we didn’t know what we were voting for with Obama, but i think we would have been worse off with McCain or Palin. I don’t see how you people think homeschooling is the answer when the big majority of the American population can’t afford to stay home with their children all day to do home schooling. What would you guys say about the majority of people who homeschooling is not financially possible for?

      • Linda Love says:

        Support candidates who push for school vouchers so that you can choose where your kids go to school. There are lots of good private and Christain based schools that aren’t teaching anti-American agendas. Parents should have the right to choose, not the government! By supporting Candidates, I mean voting for them of course, but we also need to work with their campaigns and donate money. Giving even $5 can make a huge difference when it’s given by many people.

      • Maria Gray says:

        I agree with you. When my children were in the Montgomery County School System I kew that they were indocrinating the children. But even if I wanted to homeshool my children I could not. Not only for finacial reasons, but there are other considerations, I’m an immigrant and it would be difficult for me to homeschool my children. However, parents must be vigilant of the things, ideas and other things that their children bring home from school, and counterbalance with their own values and morals. I many times noticed my children and their friends express antiamerican sentiments that they had learned in one of their classes, and I immediatelly engaged them in discussion about the things that make America great. I was lucky to have learned American History in my country so I could show them a different perspective. For me it worked I have two sons and they both served in US Marine Corps. What you say to your children is always more important that what any teachers tell them. But I’m very concerned with the public school systems and we as taxpayer should have more say in what goes on there. But how can a few people reform such systems? Montgomery County MD is the most liberal county, and the parents are the problems and the school is just an extension of their beliefs and values or lack there off. I’m afraid that I can’t contribute much to the solution. I’m paralized with fear, I know that I must do something, but what and how I don’t know.

      • CHARLES GAMARSK says:

        Morning to you all. I’ve just moved here to Dothan from Northern Ky. I continue to be amazed at the abject stupidity that many tea party brothers and sisters support. HOME SCHOOLING, is this a Glen Beck idea or do you really think you can do it?????
        I believe that unless you are a certified and qualified instructor, you have no business condemning your children to your feeble and inadequate attempts to school and prepare your children to be competitive in today’s’ society. What you might consider is getting involved with your local school board and educating yourself about the issues that the school board is trying to promote. If they are getting your kids ready to be able to be competitive in today’s society. Leave it be, let the kids decide what is right or wrong. Let them research the facts. Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are the best lairs out there. Have you tried to fact check what they say?? I listened to both this morning and I lost track of the number of falsehoods and misrepresentations that they espoused. They
        are modern day P.T. Barnums,, who said a sucker is born every minute. One thing that we have to realize is that THE ONLY WAY we can win is from WITHIN.

    • Linda Love says:

      Sadly, many simply can’t home school their children. I believe we must begin to get involved with our local school boards, PTA’s, review curriculums, and teach our kids about the Founders and how and why this great Nation came to be. My sons (ages 31 and 27) learned very little about American history and most of what they were taught was biased and/or incorrect. We parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles must set the record straight! No one has the luxury of waiting for someone else to do it. Time to stand up America!!

    • Linda Calhoun says:

      I agree with Glenn Beck as well. But I think we also need to educate the parents into how important “training up a child” really is. Most parents are terrified at the thought of homeschooling or don’t have the means to do it. I think possibly having people going into churches to talk of this importance and letting parents meeting other parents that do homeschooling might be a better way to introduce people to the importance, that children aren’t being taught what they should in schools anymore…. Also having willing parents to take on that responsibility.

    • George says:

      I agree Diania! We are breeding a new generation of liberal/socialist teachers in our Colleges and Universities today that are not only turning children away from faith in God, they are also disavowing the importance of our Constitution and those brave people who made America a great nation because of their faith in divine providence. I believe home schooling is the best way to go and for certain, when able, send your children to a sound Christian College.

  3. Kris Johnson says:

    I’ve been thinking about buying a solar unit to provide electricity in case of a national emergency that takes out all our utilities. I can’t remember the manufacturer, it’s the one that advertises during Glenn Beck’s show. Costs a few hundred dollars, 60volt I think. Has anyone had any experience with them? Is it worth the expense?
    I’d appreciate any feedback.

    • tpages says:

      Eastern Christian School Association’s solar energy
      $500 potential savings per student annually!


      Call 973.427.6244 for more info

      • CHARLES GAMARSK says:

        I continue to be baffled, a Christian school accepts the benefits
        of using solar energy and WE say that’s great. Do we know who built the solar panels that the school had to BUY??? Probably Germany or China. Why not U.S.A.??? Because if the Dems or Pres. Obama advocate for it then WE object to it. How crazy is that???????? WE are NOT helping we are sheep following a**holes Like Beck and Limbaugh. Before you all get angry at me fact check the hate speech both of them use to scare us into believing them. How many of us believe that Sat. 5/21/2011 will be the end of the world????? It’s just as nutty as believing Beck and Limbaugh. The books of the bible have many interpretations WE need to use our heads and minds to reach the truth.

        • tpages says:

          > WE need to use our heads and minds to reach the truth.

          If you clicked the link provided, you would find that Eastern Christian contracted with Sun Farm Network of Flemington, NJ.

          I can assure you that Eastern Christian has been promoting environmental concerns for decades. They teach that we are caretakers of the world God created. See the mandate in Genesis 1:26ff and a warning in Revelation 11:18 and lots more in between. Also be warned about USING environmental issues to grab power.

    • Linda Love says:

      The company is “My Solar Backup”. You can go online and order a free DVD and written material. Good luck!

    • Phil Scalvini says:

      I looked into solar and wind, unfortunately in Lawrenceburg, KY there is not enough sunny or windy days to pay back the investment in these technologies in a reasonable time. Check it ot before you invest.

  4. Terry says:

    I am really happy to find this page. I just found it and it was this week that glenn said he would be ending his show on fox. I was so saddened to hear that, he will be missed.

  5. Thomas says:

    Wow, where to start. I do believe we are still a Christian nation. The ones who would disagree are usually those who have a problem with rules and a moral code of conduct. Like it or not, this country was based on Christianity, and the constitution was based on Gods law not mans. “The American Heritage Series” with historian David Barton tells in great detail who the founders were and how they came to the conclusions about the writing of the constitution. The left would have us believe our Founding Fathers were agnostic, they were NOT.
    We have to take the GOP back if we are to save our great nation. We have had 40+ years of liberal social engineering unraveling the fabric of our society. We have to repair our culture. The biggest problem facing us is all the shades of grey the left likes to live in. Marriage is by definition between one man and one woman, period. No grey area. A “woman’s choice” is code for killing an unborn child, no grey area. Being an unwed mother is not a badge of courage, it’s a result of a bad choice, no grey area. This administration is spending the wealth of a generation that has yet to be born, no grey area. Indentured servitude is against the 13th amendment, plain as the nose on Obama’s face. We should not be afraid to stand by these undeniable truths.
    I like your site, someone from “FreedomConnector.com” led me here.
    Bob, if you can’t express yourself without vulgarity keep your thoughts to yourself.

    • Linda Calhoun says:

      I do believe what you said us being a Christian nation and that we need to take back the GOP, But how do we weed out the people we send up to the hill? We elect candidates that say the right words and sugar coat everything to make us think they stand for our values, only to turn into a politician and knuckle under because they don’t want to be called out for being a new kid on the block. I’m tired of elected officials that are turn coats!

    • Dead Bob says:

      A lot of the founding fathers were not Christians, the were Diests.

      Marriage is something that should be for all and should not be sanctioned by the government.

      Abortion should be legal if for anything a method of populations control.

  6. Pete Bench says:

    I would like to know someones thoughts on an article I wrote awhilw back.
    Posted at: http://www.realdemocracy.com/bench.htm

    Pete – Lake City. Fl.

    • tpages says:

      I share your appreciation for our founders. Yet they made the constitution a “living” document, in the sense that it can be amended. The amendments then become part of the constitution.

      Furthermore, Florida, as a sovereign state, has the right to pass laws.

      So you need to work to nullify amendment XII by amendment, and change a particular FL law. A more pressing concern is pushing the House to use the awesome leverage they have: THEY, BY MAJORITY VOTE, CAN STOP AN INCREASE TO THE DEBT CEILING.

      Giving thanks for another day of liberty.

      • Pete Bench says:

        tpages – Yes the national debt is reaching critical mass, about time, it’s been over fifty years and ten presidents ago since the Government didn’t deficit spend. Can’t blame either party, I guess, five were Democrat and five Republicans
        Why would the House need to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling? If they don’t do anything can the debt ceiling be raised? The only choice the House has is to sit on their hand or pass a bill raising the debt ceiling, isn’t it?

      • Pete Bench says:

        Tpages – It appears that you and I might be in agreement that a Florida Law might need changed.
        Florida HAS the right as all other states to pass a statute to appoint Presidential Electors in any manner. The Constitution gives them that right. But is the law that Florida has on the books conform to the Constitution? How can a person nominated an appointed an Elector be considered an Elector as statute 103.021 does? Does this statute make sense to you?

        Hamilton in Federalist Paper #68 pointed out that the Electors were not to be from any pre-established group. Although the Constitution GIVES each state the right to select its Electors in any manner, for the sake of diversity, so no one could control it. The laws of the states have common links, (conspiracy?) that go against the Framers plan. A person must be a member of a political party to be an Elector. A person must be a member of a political party to get a vote from an Elector. State law requires that an Elector can only vote for their party’s candidate, they have no choice. The Framers feared political factions and designed the election to hinder them from corrupting and controlling it.
        Suppose one out of the fifty states passed a statute that called for each legislator of the state put a name in a hat and from it the allotted number of Electors be drawn and they voted for anyone they thought best. This would drive the Polities nuts they would lose control of the process this is an example of what the Framers had in mind.
        The National Debt indeed is a big deal, but I feel that if we selected a President as the Framers planned and not allowing the two party system to trump the Constitution we wouldn’t be in our dire financial situation.
        We have allowed the people we elect to unionize against us; it’s about time we organized against them.
        “It’s The Parties Stupid”

    • treasuregem says:

      I read what you asked and my suggestion would be to either forward it to the Glenn Beck show or Sarah Palin to further investigate. I’m no legal scholar, thus I’ll admit its a bit difficult to follow. But those of greater minds than mine will no doubt be able to give you answer OR perhaps bring it into the light so American’s can understand it clearly and If its being applied today, AND, if not, why not. To me, its very valid and important to further investigate. TY for bring it to my attention!

  7. JUDY HAMMONDS says:

    I want to meet with other people in Nassau County Florida. I want a support network when things go wrong so we can work out problems now before it is too late. I am preparing but it is slow. So few people believe we are in trouble. I want to know about water supply.

    • Linda Love says:

      Judy – if you are considering long-term food storage (and I pray that you are!) please go to http://www.bobbyandscoot.myefoods.com to read about a company I found that will let you try their food for free (just pay shipping). I got involved because they let you earn credits to use for purchasing food. I have limited resources so I am working to stock up on food reserves this way. The foods are especially great if you have limited space and they are really healthy and tasty! Regardless of where you end up getting your food, PLEASE plan now for food shortages in the future! Take care!

    • Linda Love says:

      Also Judy – concerning water storage: my son told me about this website http://www.survivalistboards.com You can find all kinds of information concerning many topics you might find helpful.

  8. Tom Bolt says:

    I need info on closest organization to join. I have waited too long.

  9. Pam says:

    I am in summerville I would like meting dates thanks

  10. PAPeaceMaker says:

    Carolyn….Is 100% Absolutely right! There is Communist/Marxist scum in our Government at every level. I for one believe they need to be purged & locked up for Treason against the U.S. government. I’d like to know when it was a cool thing to be a communist pig! Do these morons not understand what it stands for? They love there right to free speech & freedom to assemble but if there so called leaders ever get to power they wont HAVE those rights anymore. I study WWII in great detail Stalin & Hitler alike & believe me they have NO idea what they support. Stalin, & Mow killed MILLIONS of innocent people & they so called hero Che’ Guvero killed his fare share too. Stalin made Hitler look like a rookie when it came to killing. He killed his own Military advisers from Colonel on up. We need to get this country back to the 1950’s when we had brave americans like Mccarthy who told the truth & tried getting these sumbag communis’s out in the open so we the people can see what they really stand for. If you study history you can clearly see we are heading for the same crap that happend in the middle of the 1930’s that lead to WWII. And by the way I’m only 27 years old & I can see this why can’t people twice my age see it?

    • Bob says:

      You want to go back to the 1950s huh? I know I definitely wouldn’t mind having manufacturing jobs in America again or MUCH higher tax rates for the rich… I still think it does little to prevent corporations from buying out politicians (of either party)

      • Free to be Me says:

        Hi Bob:
        Instead of “taxing the rich”, since many of these people are productive and provide the jobs (I am not speaking about the uber big corporations)……Look into the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax would benefit this entire country, and their would be an explosion of new jobs and prosperity.

        Another good thing for you to look at is this video, which pretty much puts things into prospective about raising taxes, and taxing the rich. Please take the time to look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=661pi6K-8WQ

      • Alfred D'Arpe says:

        With respect to the proposal of raising the taxes on the rich, made by you and many others…..just exactly who are those”Rich”? Where exactly does the “Rich” earnings bracket begin? To all those that feel they pay to little in taxes, I have a few simple suggestions….stop doing all you can to find deductions and loopholes…refuse your return…then if you still feel you have given to little…give whatever more your little hearts desire!!!!!!Why not start by replacing the existing tax system…10% across the board…no deductions…no loopholes…it really is quite simple..for every dollar you make …you pay a dime in tax…PERIOD…..Since our Liar-inChief feels he paid too little…this would solve his dilemma….same goes for all the rest that feel the same way!!!!!

      • Dave Duggan says:

        So which is it that you want, more jobs or soak “the rich”. Alot of the rich people are the employers that pay your salary. I was an employer and had to give it up…it’s tough. But I looked like I made alot of money. I think my employees were better off than me.

    • Bob says:

      And I think you’re right when you say “If you study history you can clearly see we are heading for the same crap that happend in the middle of the 1930′s that lead to WWII”. I think it’s been looking that way since 911… Like how Hitler pinned the blame on that blind polish kid for that starting the fire and then used it as an excuse to start executing communists the very same night. Have you watched Loose Change?

    • Bob says:

      “There is Communist/Marxist scum in our Government at every level. I for one believe they need to be purged & locked up for Treason against the U.S. government. ” I think you’re fucking crazy.

      • Thomas says:

        that was thoughtful, way to express your view as an adult….

        • Bob says:

          Yeah, that wasn’t very adult of me. In all fairness though this guy’s talking about McCarthy being a true patriot? Seriously? He led a witch hunt. Then also he says people who are supposedly “Communist/Marxist” need to be locked up and purged? So you’d like it to be illegal/punishable by death for people to believe how they want now? Honestly that does sound crazy though. And one of the big differences we had in the 1950s besides higher taxes on the rich was collective bargaining. That was what enabled working people like you and me a fair share of the economic pie.

    • Stan says:

      Young man; I’m over twice your age, and I see and agree with you one hundred percent. But ignorant apathy is not owned by a certain age group alone, you see; what has happened to this country didn’t happen overnight, it’s called loss of character, loss of honor and integrity, a walking away and turning our back on God. God finally said enough is enough; so I’ll just walk away and let them do things their own way. So….. what happened the last 80 years? It’s called progressive incremental brainwashing mixed with and forced upon man, by men…. who would by any means possible through thuggary use entitlements against an apathetic ignorant society. That society thought everything was going to be allright now that the great depression and world war II was over. As (progressive) time passed however; a Marxist Muslim along with a Satanic Jew combined forces, using Entitlement Socialism against an uneducated selfish and spoiled society. And it mushroomed incrementally and was developed and utilized by a fatuous greedy political party and government against a black race for votes. You’ve heard the expression many times, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing” We became a lax lustful society that said to hell with you, I’ve got mine you get yours. And that ment freebees, freebees, why work when we have entitlelments like our black shameless President has had all his life. So that ladies and gentlemen is a brief synopsis why Socialism has krept into our lives and most are still to apathetic to even see it. Stan

    • Dead Bob says:

      McCarthy, “a brave American”, you’ve got to be kidding me…

  11. Bob says:

    I agree people are waking up. We’re waking up to the fact that government is not being run by people who are concerned about the benefit of the vast majority of Americans. I’m definitely not feeling the tea party though. Sure, maybe it started out with great ideals, but it’s been co-opted by billionaires who only care about increasing their margins, not the people that are working for them or the people that can only dream of working for them. That and I’m not for going back to the original constitution.

    Greedy billionaires and megacorporations that see no reason that they shouldn’t be able to suck up every bit of money/resources are the real problem. Not socialists. Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Not all billionaires and not all corporations. Democrats and Republicans are just labels used to divide the people of America and make us easier to conquer. And some corporations/billionaires do actually care about people and spend the resources to show it. Plenty continue to profit at record levels though and they are shown no consequence for their lack of empathy. We are waking up, but instead of recognizing who is actually keeping us down, we blame it on the other side of the political engine which is just fueled by the same thing… greed. Why would billionaires pay to have security/thugs keep us down, when they can just pay the media to run their propaganda to trick us into fighting each other?

    I don’t want to go back to some centuries old document that was made before many of the problems we face now were even thought of. Why not make a whole new system? Why do we even need politicians to vote for us? The means to be educated is at the finger tips of every single person in the US and with that comes the right to make an thoughtful vote. We don’t need paid off politicians voting in our best interest anymore. We have the technology to vote on legislation ourselves. The only thing stopping us are hurdles.

    I voted for Obama and since I’ve seen his policies as an obvious continuation of the last 8 years of Bush. That has helped me to realize that we do need a new system all together as politicians will always be able to be bought out. The only way we will truly get to be a better country is if we get rid of the old broken system. People have to unite and use our much advanced knowledge to build a better system than one that was made in the 18th century.

    • carolyn says:

      The current Constitution is as relevant today as it was in 1786. Read it and you will see. Also read George Washington, Jefferson and James Madison. Yes, there are communists/socialist and progressives in our country and they want to destroy our country. Check “Communist Party USA,” and “Democratic Socialist of America”.

      I am a Tea Party member. I am not a billionaire or large corporation. I believe in limited government, fiscal responsbility, equal justice not social justice and honesty.
      Also read The Creature of Jekyll Island, a second look at the Federal Reserve.
      By G. Edward Griffin. A very good book.

  12. Eilene Wright says:

    I have to say that it is passed along in the bloodstream…I think it is cellular by nature what is needed is a stimulation of these cells…an “awakening” much like antibodies that lie in reserve until what time they are needed to fight off infection or virus. I do believe that is what is happening all across this country… a cellular awakening! I also believe that if you warn people they will reject your message…at first, but the transformation begins…your cells start a twitchin’ and you have no choice…we need to have the pain. Pain produces such wonderful things, babies, humility, and change you REALLY can believe in. Once you have been warned (awaken) it’s time to wake your neighbor… they have the cells…I’m tellin’ ya.

    • JUDY HAMMONDS says:

      how do you awaken someone who doesn’t want to listen. I want a group of like minded people in my area who are awake so we can work together. Are you watching Glen Beck?

      • Proud-Kuffir says:

        Dear Ms. Judy;
        I am responding to your question. Yes I did watch Mr. Beck. Unfortunate he is leaving Fox. I plan on getting connected to, The Blaze.com. Good luck to you.
        Sincerely; Proud-Kuffir…

  13. BasilRathbone says:

    Parents need to stay on top of what is being mentally spoon-fed to their children at school and correct as needed or join with others to challenge curriculums to school boards. Conservatives need to run for school board positions. Home schooling can be great but is not for everyone. Connect with young families that may fall into the welfare trap being set by our own President and his ilk. Try to have eye contact with the people you meet day to day… The check out girl, guy in the inspection lane, etc. In some communities just knocking on a neighbors door can be frightening but leave a note with some contact info so there is greater awareness of those who may need Conservative guidance. With the rise in gas prices, I have asked my elderly neighbor to ride along with me to the supermarket (ten miles away) rather than both use up at least a gallon of gas a piece. It also clued me in to her families needs by the type and amounts of stuff put in the cart.
    I plan on starting a garden this spring and hope to get the school kids to help with the maintenance in exchange for a row of their own. We have become so detached from those we pass everyday…. how can we expect anyone to look to us for advice or a helping hand…or except our help if we remain strangers?

    • Stan Weimer says:

      I’ve noticed the type people that don’t want to listen are the educationally challenged and the educated apathetically spoiled. The 56% uneducated that voted for Obama in the first place are the ones that put him in office. The conservative & their advice is not accepted & a threat to their entitlements or so they think, so there in lies the big picture. One such entitled person in the grocery store I spoke briefly with one day, when asked if she was storing food for her and her baby, exclaimed what for? I said aren’t you watching the news and what’s going on around you? I asked what she was going to do when food got so expensive she wouldn’t be able to afford the many items for herself & her child that now is a necessity? She looked at me with that deer in the head lights expression & obtusely said; I don’t want to talk about it, our government is taking care of everything. I said, oh I see, you mean the Obama share the wealth program where the working class supports the non working class. You see the fifty percent of the people that voted for hope and change of the socialist Obama Rock Star mentality refuse to listen, because they’ve been receiving entitlements & brainwashed crap for so long they believe everything is business as usual & Obama & the far left will always be there to tuck them in at night. The problem is how to break their apathy and get around the physical and mental lazyness? The apathetic generational brainwashed mentality of the uneducated, and their lazy couch potato attitudes is the problem. Believe me when I say this is generational & their going to fight you to the death not to lose it. So what we’re up against here and must be addressed is a reverse brainwashing of the young in schools. We must start by breaking the backs of the Obama Marxist unions first; then reorganizing back into the old school system where the student came first and the bad teacher gets the boot out the door. Tenure is first on the agenda, it must be crushed, because it’s the lazy teachers protection & until first this is destroyed our hands our tied. You see we have to work just like the left does only in reverse incrementally step by step crushing all the brainwashing entitlements along with the unions & their Muslim counterparts, because believe me the Islamic jihad radical Muslim is working hand in hand with the unions in the Grade schools, High schools, and colleges to brainwash our children and there by our way of life. Many things must be addressed before we can even begin to start to step back from the great abyss that we’re about to fall into. Stan in Boise.

  14. kevinkervick says:

    I wrote something this morning on our blog that may be of interest in
    response to Charles Blow’s idiotic piece in this morning’s New York Times.

    I believe it is time for another national summit to take the movement from
    resentment to grass roots action. Electoral politics are not enough to
    sustain the energy that is needed to change the culture.


    This is a critical time for the movement.


    Kevin J. Kervick, MS, LMFT
    President, Executive Director
    A Place for Possibilities

    My new book, Discovering Possibility: A Common Sense Conservative Manifesto (For Classical Liberals Too), is available for purchase at http://www.createspace.com/3496793. Read more about Discovering Possibility at http://www.discoveringpossibility.com. All proceeds from the sale of the book go toward furthering the mission of A Place for Possibilities, a 501 (c) 3 Educational Nonprofit Corporation.

  15. Dennis Gulley says:

    First off I am working on the “7” steps outlined in Glenn’s and Dr Abblows book. I am trying to fix myself first. Second I am becoming friends with everyone I know on Facebook and passing information on to anyone who is cares to listen. I hope I don’t become overbearing so I try not to over do it. I feel it is planting the seeds of knowledge and will hopefully spark peoples interests. I’m sure most will not listen and just block me as a kook and I am OK with that. But if I get just one person to start thinking it will eventually start spreading. Patience is key as this will be a slow process.

  16. Dan Handyside says:

    My first response would be. You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink. And this is true with the people of this country not all but most .They will not wake up until there is a MAJOR INCIDENT and then they will be like a unstoppable wave of force and at that point there will be no one but the people who caused this hardship they will be standing there going come to me I will help you. I think what our roll is to keep learning and watching and be repairing for the coming wave of unrest brought to us by your unions and the people (and I am talking of U.S. citizens that hate this country the very country that let them do what they wanted) We need to focused and prepare not for our selves only but also for those who are not listing now but with out a doubt will when the hammer comes down. We need to have a system in place that will feed and comfort every one no matter who they are . I don not care how they are. There will be Millions to care for and that’s why there needs to be a system in place that can do this. I know from just surfing the net that there are millions of us out there a and we must not only think of your selves we must help all. OR THIS COUNTRY THIS GREAT EXPAIRA MENT IS OVER .Because there will not be a Government in place. Well one that I would want to help .WE NEED TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT TO HELP EVERY ONE WITH OUT QUESTION. That is what this country is all about. And I know I do not want the Government involved in my life after they caused the coming hard ships we will face. WE need to have the small towns and the ones in those towns that are informed and a know what is going on to but in place and system for helping others. Start with the small communities and it will speared to larger one. Basic need to survive for 1 year. Me my self have learned a lot from the Amish and how they are self sufficient we can learn from them. Educate your selves with the keeping of food in the summer and how to purify water. Were needed al the knogage we can get to over come this enemy that we will be faseing AND MUST OF ALL WE ALL HAVE TO PUT FAITH IN GOD TO SHOW US AND LEAD WE MUST FOLLOW THESE COMMANDS THE ONES OUR FOUNDING FATHERS FOUND THIS COUNTRY ON.
    ‘You shall have no other gods before me. 8 “‘You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; 9 you shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 10 but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments. 11 “‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. 12 “‘Observe the sabbath day, to keep it holy, as the LORD your God commanded you. 13 Six days you shall labor, and do all your work; 14 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God; in it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, or your manservant, or your maidservant, or your ox, or your ass, or any of your cattle, or the sojourner who is within your gates, that your manservant and your maidservant may rest as well as you. 15 You shall remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your God brought you out thence with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm; therefore the LORD your God commanded you to keep the sabbath day. 16 “‘Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you; that your days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with you, in the land which the LORD your God gives you. 17 “‘You shall not kill. 18 “‘Neither shall you commit adultery. 19 “‘Neither shall you steal. 20 “‘Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor. 21 “‘Neither shall you covet your neighbor’s wife; and you shall not desire your neighbor’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor’s.’ 22 “These words the LORD spoke to all your assembly

  17. Thomas P. Redd says:

    Thanks for making it available to have like minded people get together. We must take our country back. If we don’t, who will. What do I mean ‘we must take our country back’. We have ‘lost’ the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We must take them back and bring the full Constitution back to it’s rightful place.
    We are “Image Bearer’s” brought up by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are created in God’s image. Therefore, we ought to stand up and get involved. Why, because God wants us too. This is a unique Constitution, brought by our Founders, because God wants us to be an “Image Bearer” forthwith. Not later, but now.
    I have a friend, who has written a book “Back Off, Barack”. Chapter one is “The Identity Foundation of American Self-Government”. If you would like to see this book, please let me know. It is a definite read. Thank You Tom

  18. Hello, fellow American Patriot, I like your blog site. To answer your question of how to warn others about the perils we face as a nation, I believe we have to think simple as opposed to more complicated. Forget Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, we must focus on uniting behind our sameness instead of our differences. I have found that no matter which side of the fence one sits, we have more in common with each other as American Patriots than we normally realize. Once that common ground is established then and only then can we reasonably talk about the solutions.

  19. B4REALITY says:

    Bush was evil.
    LISTEN TO THESE DEFICITS IN THE BUDGET: 2001: 128 BILLION 2002: 158 BILLION 2003: 378 BILLION 2004: 413 BILLION 2005: 318 BILLION 2006: 248 BILLION 2007: 162 BILLION 2008:: 410 BILLION

    What does that make Obama? 2010: 1.4 TRILLION 2011 1.73 TRILLION

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