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Another look at my “Clean” Debt Ceiling Bill [proposed in July–to late]

A proposed bill very simple for all to understand, giving the President the “clean” bill he requested: on the day he signs it into law, the debt ceiling increases $4 billion; on day 2 the debt ceiling increases $5 million less [$3,995,000,000]; $5 million less per day continues until there is no increase on day 801.

Each day thereafter this $1.602 trillion debt ceiling increase expires $5 million per day, totally expiring in 320,400 days, which is about 877 years. A very simple bill for all to understand. With no deceptive language to fool “we the people,” this clean bill will force a balanced budget a little over 2 years. If the President doesn’t sign it, it must mean he wants to balance it immediately.

From: Bill
> Is this sarcastic or serious? I’m confused.

It’s serious. The problem with refusing to increase the debt ceiling was the negative effect of sudden massive cuts. We increase our debt daily approximately $4 billion. The bill would have made that amount available on the day he signed the bill. Each day thereafter, the government would have $5 million less to spend. How could you say this is unreasonable [forced balance budget in 2+ years] when it takes 877 years at the same rate to undo this debt ceiling increase?

The House could have insisted on this or nothing, and appeared to the public as reasonable despite any rhetoric to the contrary.

From: Bill
> This is over my head. Oh well. Taking on an 877 year debt seems like both unbalanced and stupid to me. But what do I know.

You understand very well. That was the beauty of this proposed bill. –> How could you say this is unreasonable [forced balance budget in 2+ years] when it takes 877 years at the same rate to undo this debt ceiling increase.

Every proposal out there [other than Ron Paul’s] was lamer than this. But you wouldn’t know it by the ridiculous rhetoric that was out there. If I got my proposed bill out there sooner, and it caught on, people would be saying “screw $5 million a day, let’s cut $10 million a day and balance the budget in a year.

Four hundred days, to be exact, accumulating $802 billion [less than a trillion] in new debt and totally expiring in 80,200 days, which is about 220 years.

Now people would be saying, let’s cut $20 million a day, balance the budget in two hundred days, accumulating only $402 billion in new debt which totally expires in 20,100 days, which is about 55 years. Then let’s cut the rest of our debt [last done by President Andrew Jackson in 1835] at $20 million a day. This would take 1985 years. Ouch! We must never forget: debt always is a drag on the economy.

Now you know how ludicrous wasteful government spending is. Government must be kept as small as possible, with all revenue collected at the local level, as close to We The People as possible. Ironic, in an age of affluence we have dug ourselves into a humongous hole. Are we ready to elect Ron Paul as president? [I wasn’t thinking this at first.] Let’s focus on today. It’s time now [and always] to insist from Congress: NO NEW SPENDING WITHOUT EQUAL CUTS ELSEWHERE! AND THESE CUTS DON’T COUNT AS CUTS BECAUSE THEY ARE TRANSFERS OF FUNDS. NO MORE MAGICAL MATH. THAT MEANS NO MORE DECEPTION AND NO SILENCE IN RESPONSE TO DECEPTION.

And why is Fox News partnering with Google? This is after their long silence to the deception in the debt ceiling bills, especially the assumed 7 or 8 percent budget increase. Most of the “cuts” were cuts of the assumed budget increase. Even our friend Bill O’Reilly lead us astray. That hurts! And if we can’t count on those elected with tea party support, then unfortunately we kiss America good-bye.

From: Bill
> Actually I still don’t understand, and I don’t think most of the American people would understand what you are trying to say here. It may be simple in your mind, but this stuff is hard for most. [1] I asked you if you were sarcastic about supporting an 877 year payoff. You said no. Now you seem to not support an 877 year payoff in this last email. [2] Also I don’t get how such a plan balances the budget in two years. It probably would help if you said “annual budget”, but I still don’t get it. [3] Seems to me as long as we are paying out money in a given year to pay off this massive debt, the budget is not annually balanced, because we don’t have the income to pay off the debt. Unless the gov’t finds an additional 5 million a day income from some where to payoff the 5 million a day payment, there is no balanced budget.

1. Currently we have nothing in place to pay off our debt. So the 877 year payoff is progress.

2. Concerning balancing the budget, please understand, as soon as we DON’T raise the debt ceiling we have no choice but to balance the budget, when that ceiling is reached. Saying that another way, raising the debt ceiling grants permission to borrow more money. When there’s no more we’re allowed to borrow, we are forced to balance the budget. We can only spend what we take in. But you might say, we could just print more money. It used to work that way, but nearly a century ago Congress gave up this right to a private corporation, called the Federal Reserve. So they print it and we borrow it.

3. If we only spend what we take in, we have a balanced budget, even if there is no formal document, an annual budget passed by congress and signed into law. That’s the concept behind using the debt ceiling to balance the budget. Now if it is law that the debt ceiling expires at a rate of $5 million per day, then we not only are forced to balance the budget, but also forced to spend $5 million less than we take in, because the first $5 million pays off debt. We may have a revenue problem, but first and foremost, we have a spending problem. As Ronald Reagan said, “The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.”

P.S. Remember, if the House defeats a bill increasing the debt ceiling, then there is no increase to the debt ceiling. The president has no right to do it by himself. If he does so, he has become czar.

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